8 Reasons to Purchase Life Insurance

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September marks National Life Insurance Awareness Month, an opportune time to revisit your life insurance needs.

According to the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association’s most recent facts, as of 2021, 22 million Canadians own $5.3 trillion in life insurance coverage. The average life insurance protection per Canadian household is $458.000, up from $442,000 in 2020 and approximately five times household income.

Most life insurance—80 percent—is purchased by individuals through an agent or advisor. Individual life insurance coverage now equals 65 percent of the value of total policies in force, up from 57 percent in 2011.

Here are some of the reasons Canadians purchase individual life insurance policies and reasons you may also want to consider purchasing life insurance if you have not already. Some of these reasons may surprise you.


In the event of your death, life insurance provides an income for your loved ones or business shareholders. Protecting loved ones and protecting business interests are two of the biggest reasons why people purchase life insurance today.

Funeral Costs

You may not think about it while you’re living, but the reality is one day you will have to plan for your funeral. The death benefit from a life insurance policy can pay for your funeral costs instead of leaving the financial burden to grieving loved ones. Funeral costs are another reason why people buy life insurance.

Debt Management

The death benefit from a life insurance policy can be used to pay off any debt you may have left outstanding in your estate such as an existing mortgage. Whole life insurance policies are a consideration for managing debt because they feature a cash value asset you can withdraw a policy loan from to repay debt while you are living.

Educational Savings

Whole life insurance with a cash value asset is a great savings vehicle you can leverage to fund your grandchild’s or child’s post-secondary education. You can use it to replace an RESP or as a supplement to an RESP if you want to take advantage of the Canada Education Savings Grant program.

Retirement Planning

You can use the cash value feature of whole life insurance policy to build up a tax-free retirement income rather than investing in an RRSP, which is government-controlled, has restrictions and is taxable income in your retirement years.

Business Financing

If you’re a business owner, you can purchase corporate-owned whole life insurance policies for reasons that not only protect your business but can be beneficial to your bottom line. The equity built up in a corporate-owned policy can be used to finance equipment for your business, fund expansion of operations, key-person insurance, buy-sell agreements and even be used as collateral to secure a bank loan.

Estate Planning

When you pass away the heirs of your estate can face inheritance taxes and probate fees on your estate and any assets received from it. The death benefit from life insurance can help cover such added costs and is not subject to probate fees or taxes.

Charitable Giving

If you make regular contributions to a charity, you can use a life insurance policy to build a charitable gift without impacting your family’s inheritance. Corporations can also use life insurance to make substantial charitable donations that can provide them with a tax deduction based on the strategy used.

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