How to Make Your Retirement Fund Pull Double Duty


Drive that red sports car you always wanted and still have money in your retirement fund.

The definition of “double duty” is something designed to perform two functions at once. You could also call it multi-tasking. Now think of the possibilities that would open up if you could make each dollar you earn pull “double duty.” It would almost be like having twice the money, right?

A Death Benefit and Living Benefit

Nelson Nash, founder of the Infinite Banking Concept and author of the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, said it perfectly. “Your need for finance, during your lifetime, is much greater than your need for protection.” However, both are still equally important.

That is part of the concept of dividend-paying whole life insurance. When you buy dividend-paying whole life insurance, you’re not only buying it for its death benefits but also the living benefits it provides. This living benefit exists in the form of a cash value that builds equity over time through contractually guaranteed growth and potential annual dividends.

This living benefit component of dividend-paying whole life insurance gets overlooked by the life insurance industry. It is a powerful asset you can use to self-finance major life purchases that can be hard to afford, such as a car, a down payment on a home, a family vacation, or your children’s future post-secondary education. Dividend-paying whole life insurance provides you with the ability to self-finance major purchases your need throughout life.

A Tax-Free Savings Account and Retirement Fund

As a financial product, dividend-paying whole life insurance is very robust because it provides you with the ability to grow your money in a tax-sheltered savings vehicle without interruption—even when you borrow from it.

Think of it as a savings account that is easy for you to access and provides you with instant liquidity. You can borrow from the cash value whenever you need it – no questions asked! Well, maybe how much money you want to borrow.

The equity that builds up in your cash value over time can also pull double duty as an tax-free income stream later in your retirement or as Nelson Nash liked to call it, “passive income” you can count on but don’t have to work for.

You can also use these funds if you’re setting the stage for a significant career move such as starting a new business venture and you need to generate some extra cash flow. You can even use funds if you’ve discovered a passion for pricey, foreign sports cars you can’t deny yourself. Hey, life is for living, right?

As you pay into your dividend-paying whole life policy, you’re not only saving for that sports car but also creating a life insurance fund that will pay out (if, say, you crash that foreign sports car).

A few of the other perks of dividend-paying whole life insurance are:

  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation
  • A cash value and death benefit that grows exponentially
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • Level premiums guaranteed that never increase
  • Ability to have a predictable retirement income that is not subject to market volatility!
  • Ability to borrow from your cash value for any reason (even a Ferrari)
  • Accessible liquid equity – your money isn’t locked in like it is with traditional investments
  • Potential for annual dividends

Get Your Money Pulling Double Dut!y

Why not have your money pull double duty? No other type of insurance policy comes with as many advantages and payoffs as dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Give us a call at 1-877-534-7266 to speak to one of our Licensed Life Insurance Brokers to find out how a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy can pull double-duty for you. We are Canada’s premier company in using dividend-paying whole life insurance to build strategic wealth plans for families, individuals and business that pull double duty so they can achieve Financial Control for Life.

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