Small legal issues and lawsuits can evolve into much larger legal issues than you expect. Lawsuits that drag out can be especially draining to you financially.

At some point, you could need legal counsel and coverage for any of the following major life events and situations governed by Canadian law:

  • Signing a contract
  • Purchasing a car
  • Buying a house or investment property
  • Identify theft
  • Being laid off from a job
  • Preparing a Will
  • Arranging Power of Attorney
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Owning and managing a business
  • Getting married
  • Getting separated and divorced
  • Child custody disputes

Even if you had just one of these legal concerns, the cost of hiring a lawyer might prevent you from seeking out the legal counsel you need. Today’s legal profession has priced itself well out of reach of most low and middle-class income Canadians.

According to Canadian Lawyer magazine’s 2017 Legal Fees Survey, the hourly rates lawyers charge start at $121 per hour (one-year experience in criminal law) and go as high as $950 per hour (11 – 20 years experience in criminal law). The question then becomes, can you afford legal coverage at such exorbitant prices?

What is Legal Protection?

What if you could have peace of mind knowing you have legal coverage for an annual membership cost EQUAL to the hourly rate of a lawyer for just one hour of work? With LegalShield, you can.

A LegalShield Legal Plan is a membership-based plan that gives you access to the legal system at a price you can afford. With over 45 years of experience, LegalShield offers practical and affordable access to the legal system to over 1.7 million Americans and Canadians in 50 US states and four Canadian provinces (Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia).

How Legal Protection Works

Your legal protection plan through LegalShield works just like a Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) membership. As a member, you pay a low yearly membership fee into it, but not everybody needs help at the same time.

The pooled membership fees provide LegalShield with the resources to partner with top law firms and experienced lawyers average Canadians or Canadian businesses could not otherwise afford.

Your legal needs are serviced by top-rated, experienced lawyers, belonging to a law firm, not by paralegals. The law today has become so complex that individual lawyers can only specialize in one or maybe two areas of the law. A law firm, with a diverse team of lawyers, can easily cover many, if not most areas of the law, needed by members. In fact, law firms have more expertise in various areas of the law than any single lawyer could ever gather.

Benefits of Legal Protection

Whether your legal coverage needs are personal or for your business, LegalShield features a range of plan options tailored to your meet your specific legal needs, including Family plans, Small Business plans, Identity Theft plans as well as Employee Benefit and Corporation plans.

Once you choose a plan, coverage begins in a few days, with immediate access to top-rated lawyers that have been vetted with a minimum of five years experience. There are also guarantees of timely service and accountability.

If you choose a LegalShield Family membership plan, coverage includes you (the member), your spouse and unmarried children living at home up to18 years of age, or children up to the age of 23 attending college or university. The plan also covers dependent children with a disability living at home for which the member is the legal guardian, without age limit.

For legal situations not covered by your membership plan, you can get legal services at a 25% preferred member discount from the law firm’s standard hourly rates.

Legal protection is a solution if you’re…

    • In need of legal advice but can’t afford a lawyer’s high hourly rates.
    • Involved in a legal dispute or lawsuit but can’t afford a lawyer.
    • An owner of business or corporation with or without employees.
    • A victim of identity theft or at risk of having your identity stolen.
    • Going through a separation or divorce and child custody issues.
    • An employee that could be laid off, summarily or wrongfully dismissed.
    • The legal guardian of children or family members you want to provide legal coverage for.
    • Preparing or updating a Will and Power of Attorney for property, assets and advanced directives.
    • Signing any type of legal binding contracts.

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