Let’s Schedule Your

Policy Review

Your policy review is right around the corner! Before you schedule your policy review, please fill in our Policy Review questionnaire. This questionnaire is new, easy-to-fill in and provides you and us with helpful information needed to prepare for your upcoming policy review.

If you do not require or want a policy review at any time, please complete the questionnaire first and update your information. You have the option to decline a policy review after the questionnaire is complete.

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Our new Policy Review questionnaire asks you specific questions tailored to changes in your current life or business situation and needs. Any of these changes may necessitate a review of your par whole life insurance policy/policies or corporate-owned par whole life insurance policy/policies (or both).

Based on your answers to the Policy Review Questionnaire, we will advise you if a policy review is needed. If you decide to schedule a policy review, you will automatically be redirected to Stephen's scheduling appointment calendar to select a time that works best for you.

Completing the Policy Review questionnaire also informs you if your last policy review was a year or more ago. If that is the case, we strongly recommend you schedule a policy review with us.