Stephen Devlin Speaks with Andrew E. Guy On How to Take Control of Your Financial Life and Bank On Yourself

As a subject of conversation, talking about money is often the “elephant in the room” no one likes to address.  However, if you want to disrupt normalcy, and take control of your financial life you must muster up the courage to face your finances head-on. That often involves being open and asking yourself some tough questions about money. Stephen Devlin raises some of the tough questions everyone should be asking themselves when it comes to managing their finances and more in the podcast episode below of I’m Ready, I’m Listening (ILIR) with host Andrew E. Guy.

For example, are your values aligned with where you are putting your money?  Do you have a proper financial foundation in place? Why you have worked hard all your life and still feel like you never have enough money? Is delayed gratification costing you financially? And finally, what it means to save money? It is not what you think.

Andrew and Stephen then provide an overview of a unique financial concept you can implement (with Stephen’s expertise) to take back financial control of your life from banks and lending institutions. Stephen and his wife and business partner, Michele Devlin, discovered this concept, called Bank On Yourself, from a good mentor and friend in the US back in 2008 after facing financial difficulties and surmounting debt and used it to forge a new path to financial freedom.

Stephen is the CFO/President of MacDev Financial and SET Financial Solutions Inc., as well as a Value-Based Licensed Life Insurance Broker and Wealth Architect. Michele Devlin is CEO of MacDev Financial and SET Financial Solutions Inc.

Watch or listen to the podcast below for full details.


Download our special report, 5 Steps to Building Wealth Nobody Tells You About to learn more about Bank On Yourself. MacDev Financial is the exclusive provider of Bank On Yourself in Canada.

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