Atish Naran

Digital Marketing Specialist
Vancouver, BC

Atish Naran has been with Mac Dev Financial since November 2019. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, he assists with developing, implementing and measuring marketing campaigns to researching and analyzing new opportunities in digital marketing platforms and deliverables for the company.

Atish has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Business IT Management Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). In April, he attained a digital marketing professional certificate from Red Academy. His previous work experience encompasses the areas of data analytics, tourism and retail services. Atish’s extensive educational background has also provided him with an understanding of business operations, analyzing market trends, and creative thinking. He has found a perfect position that incorporates both his education and skill base with Mac Dev Financial and is excited for his future endeavours with the company.

Did You Know?

  • Atish is a Bollywood dancer and got the opportunity to dance in the Times of India Awards held at BC Place in April 2013
  • Atish loves going to the theatre to watch movies; almost any genre, he enjoys that 2-hour escape from reality that the experience offers.
  • He’s a big games person and will play it all from videos, to board games, to participating in action sports.