Dale Moffitt

Strategic Consultant/Moffitt Financial; Licensed Life Insurance Broker & Financial Coach, Infinite Banking Concept Authorized Practitioner

Dale portrait

Dale is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and business owners live “A Better Life” by taking control of their finances and utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept and Becoming Your Own Banker.


“Dale Moffitt is all about building solid relationships first. He got to know me on a personal level and we built an amazing relationship on both the personal and business levels. He learned my spending habits, listened to my financial concerns, and we established my short and long-term goals. With all of this information, he created a Wealth Creation Plan that was personalized to my vision. This plan now gives me peace of mind as I am creating wealth in a safe and predictable manner, all while having instant access to my money when it is needed.”

– Dr. Corey B.