Kelly-Erin Ketchen

Licensed Life Insurance Broker, Bank On Yourself® Professional

Kelly Erin Ketchen

“I can teach you how to keep your money over generations in the same way the Rockefellers have, using a time tested strategy called Bank On Yourself that has proven successful after many decades, financial depressions and skeptics. There are only a handful of agents in Canada who have the licensed skills to aide you in your financial endeavors in which to gain a retirement fund, education planning, renovations or future travel plans.”

Kelly-Erin Ketchen became a Licensed Life Insurance Broker (LLQP)and a Bank On Yourself® Professional in 2013 and shortly thereafter, joined the MacDev Financial team. Having experienced the financial flexibility the Bank On Yourself method provides firsthand, Kelly now teaches and empowers her clients on how to implement Bank On Yourself in their own lives so they can gain financial control and create a safe and secure nest egg for later years.

When Kelly is not highlighting the benefits of the BOY method to potential clients, she works in direct partnership with mortgage brokers and real estate agents to educate new homeowners on the use of life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance as a replacement for mortgage insurance sold through the banks.

“You need to enjoy life, but you can’t be reckless without any thought for the future. The Bank On Yourself concept has allowed me to achieve both of these in harmony and I would like to help give you and your family the same peace of mind and financial success.”

Kelly completed a Bachelor in English in 1993 and Bachelor of Education in 1995 from the University of British Columbia. She spent several years working as an elementary teacher, managing large classes with a wide diversity of students. This professional experience honed her people and problem solving skills, and provided a wonderful foundation to build up her career as a Life Insurance Broker. She has incorporated these valuable teaching skills to now educate adults on how to better manage their money and explore different financial opportunities they may not be aware of.

In her downtime, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, scrap booking and card making. She is a great asset to her daughters’ Irish dance competitions as a fundraiser and organizer. In addition, she also serves as Vice-President for IDOSS, the Irish Dance Organization for Steel School, where her daughters attend  classes and actively engage in national and international competitions.

Did you know?

  • She has been a Spark leader and a Brownie leader for her daughters.
  • She is an avid movie fan.
  • She has travel extensively through Ireland and the United Kingdom and even lived in Ireland for a short time while in university.
  • She devised a brochure that highlights the benefits of using life, disability and critical illness as a value-added form of mortgage insurance over traditional, bank-sold, mortgage insurance.
  • Kelly is a past Vice President of the ESS English Students Society at the University of British Columbia.