Mike Butean

Licensed Life Insurance Broker, Bank On Yourself® Professional


Control your finances and control your life. A plan is better than no plan and a good plan is even better. – Mike Butean

Mike Butean joined the MacDev Financial team in October 2018 as a Licensed Life Insurance Broker, Bank On Yourself® Professional and Certified Cash Flow Specialist. He is passionate about educating Canadians to get more ‘life’ out of their money and make smarter financial decisions. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Timisoara in Romania and is fluent in English and Romanian.

Mike has a professional career in sales and account management that has provided a solid foundation for a move over to finance and life insurance. His financial struggles while living in Romania before coming to Canada in 2004, eventually motivated him to pursue a career in the financial industry and life insurance. This career transition has empowered him to improve his financial outlook; he now strives to share his expertise to help others.

“I want to help clients not just achieve specific short-term goals like saving for their retirement, or funding their child’s education, but actually achieve their lifetime financial goals. To be effective at doing that, one needs to understand and see the larger financial big picture,” he says.

While Mike does still implement non-traditional financial elements into his work, as a Bank On Yourself® Professional, he primarily draws upon non-traditional financial approaches such as the Bank On Yourself® concept in conjunction with participating whole life insurance as a long-term financial solution for his clients. He attributes the Bank On Yourself® approach as a financial mechanism that has allowed him to plan for his retirement and help other family members make large lifestyle purchases through their policies.

In his spare time, Mike is a member on the Richmond Hill Board of Trade in Richmond Hill, Ontario where he lives. He is presently working towards completing his designation as a Professional Financial Advisor (PFA) through Advocis Canada with the end goal of eventually getting his Certified Financial Planner (CFA) designation.   


“I have dealt with Mike Butean since 2018, during which time he has provided my family with excellent support in the areas of life insurance, investments, and RRSP contribution. His work has been a major factor in our financial success, helping us to invest smart in order to get good results in future, and offering a protection to our family in case of any accident. I can confidently recommend Mike as a solid and reliable supplier and expert in financial advisory services.”

– Andreea Vladescu, CGA/CPA

“Mike has helped us so much in planning a bright future for our family. He is very knowledgeable in his field. Mike can help you come up with the perfect plan based on your personal financial situation to ensure you meet your family goals. He is also very kind and attentive to your needs which makes this whole process easy and enjoyable. Thank you, Mike, for your support and guidance in planning for our family’s future.”.

– Chiara Lozito, Instructor Therapist