Nevill Bhagat

Licensed Life Insurance Broker, Bank On Yourself® Professional

Nevill Bhagat

“I aim to assist people to set-up their retirement plan,  reduce household debt and maximize their savings for retirement by  guiding people how to own and control the banking and financing functions in their lives.”

Nevill has a love of learning and sharing knowledge with people. He embarked on his post-secondary education in 1974 at the University of Bombay in India. The breadth of his educational credentials includes a diploma in Management Studies, a Bachelor degree in Science and a MBA in Marketing Management.

Building off his education, Nevill’s professional experience encompasses years of working in the fields of account management and customer service. Demonstrating a natural ability to match the right product solutions to client needs, has set him up for a successful career in the life insurance industry as a Licensed Life Insurance Broker in British Columbia. In 2008, he completed the CSC (Canadian Security Course) and in 2010 obtained a LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) designation with the Insurance Council of BC. Throughout his professional and academic careers, he has continually strived for excellence as the recipient of several awards for customer service and academic achievement.

Nevill has turned his love of learning into a life long passion to help everyone enjoy a worry free retirement by creating a financial strategy that will provide flexibility and sustained income for life. He tells us, “Your financial literacy should enable you to face life challenges and create a future with certainty. My work reduces your financial risk with integrated tax strategies to give higher returns and fewer fees.” 

“Time can be a great ally in accomplishing your financial goal. Use it to your advantage, rather than trying to reach your goal fast, as tempting as that may be, for we live in an age of ‘instants’.”

In order to incorporate this financial philosophy into practice, Nevill completed the Bank On Yourself Authorized Training program in 2014. As a Bank On Yourself®Professional, he now helps his clients use whole life insurance to create sustainable wealth and save for retirement simultaneously.

No surprise, his approach is to educate clients and offer insight to plan a lifetime, money management strategy that creates wealth while allowing them to maintain financial control. For clients with children, he will help them to structure an education plan without sacrificing their retirement reserve funds. And one last piece of advice he will leave you with: “Pay yourself first.”

Did you know?

  • Nevill sits Board of Directors for the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce, BC Chapter, an organization to encourage and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Zarthushtis.
  • He can speak three languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati.
  • Voh safal vyapsaye aur zimmadar nagarik hone ke liye yuvao ko badhava, margdarshan aur guru ke taur pe khud ka samay samudai may bitate hai. (He spends time in the community to guide, encourage and mentor youth to be successful entrepreneurs and a responsible citizen.)
  • Received the “Customer Choice Award” from Walmart.
  • Has lived in India, Dubai, Sultanate of Oman and Canada