Stephen Devlin

President, Chief Financial Officer, Licensed Life Insurance Broker/Wealth Architect, Bank On Yourself® Professional (BC, AB, SK, MN, ON, NS, NB, NFLD) Infinite Banking Concept® Authorized Practitioner

Stephen Devlin

“My philosophy has always been centred around service to families, business owners and individuals who are open to learning. My greatest satisfaction in life is to help other people solve problems. Money can be a big problem for many people and my experience and expertise helps my clients, so they can achieve more in life.”

– Stephen Devlin

With a drive to succeed and help others do the same, Stephen Devlin co-founded Canada’s #1 leading company in creating safe and secure wealth building systems for business and personal use, taking advantage of an underutilized strategy with whole life policies. With offices across Canada and as President and Chief Financial Officer with MacDev Financial, Stephen leads an exclusive group of advisors that specialize in his financial philosophy. He’s had over 25 years of business experience and an exemplary track record working in sales management, client relations and business development for companies such as Good Humour-Breyers, a unit of Unilever, and Job Shark before becoming a self-made entrepreneur.

Executive titles aside, Stephen is a seasoned value-based Licensed Life Insurance Broker and Wealth Architect, passionate about self-empowering his clients to achieve financial control for life by educating and coaching them on key financial principles. He is regarded as Canada’s leading expert in implementing the Bank On Yourself® and Infinite Banking® concepts and engineering multi-figure strategic wealth plans as a Bank On Yourself Professional and IBC Authorized Practitioner.

“Life can be the best of teachers. My experience with finances in my young-adulthood had been somewhat troubled, but it had lessons in it and I had realized how much I still had to learn. I love learning, so my subsequent quest for knowledge to better my own financial situation awakened a passion to find out how money truly worked. My success was and still is driven by this because I am invested in what I do, and it shows, particularly to my clients and to my team of advisors. Ultimately, I love what I do and want to share it with as many people as I can!”

His professional accolades include numerous industry awards. Stephen has been honoured with a privilege only a handful of advisors have as a member of the international organization the Million Dollar Round Table, the prestigious status of Court of the Table.  His prowess in finances came early. In just his second year as a Rookie in the industry, Stephen was recognized as the #1 Advisor in Canada under Equitable Life, and has been a top agent for the company ever since. His knowledge of the intricacies of life insurance policies has facilitated personal invitations to serve on policy development teams of which he humbly accepted.

Stephen’s expertise has been showcased as the author of two best-selling books, The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security and Transform with Brian Tracy. Both of his books received Quilly Awards and earned him membership in the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. He has also won an EXPY award from the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers. As an experienced speaker and practitioner on the importance of financial autonomy and freedom, he has been featured in local and international media, including Forbes, US Today, A&E, The Times Square Today show, and CKNW News Talk 980 radio.

Stephen shares his time between his two homes in Vancouver, BC and the Sunshine Coast town of Gibsons with his business partner and wife Michele Platje-Devlin (MacDev Financial, CEO & Chief Compliance Officer) and their teenaged son. In his downtime, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing sports and giving back to the community.

Did you know?

  • Stephen’s favourite quote is; “A banker is a fellow who will lend you his umbrella when the sun is shining but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.” – Mark Twain
  • He was an Executive Producer for the Emmy award-winning documentary Armonia—telling the incredible stories of high-school students Mexico that leave their families to attain higher education and learn entrepreneurial skills, so they can create a better economy in their home communities.
  • Smart, Stephen completed grades 11 and 12 in one year.
  • Volunteered with Junior Achievement, teaching courses at high schools in the Vancouver area.
  • Hockey is Stephen’s favourite sport he likes to play, volleyball comes in at a close second.
  • Keeping his pulse on changing business practices, Stephen graduated from an e-Business Program with the University of British Columbia.
  • He lived in the Bahamas as a teenager with his family.
  • Play ball, he has a unique catching/throwing style that earned him the nickname Pop-Off.
  • Stephen is so knowledgeable about his industry he teaches Continuing Education Life Insurance courses, as well as speaks at conferences, across Canada and abroad.


“Stephen gets it. He understands that the world is not like it used to be. It is not so simple as just putting money into a savings account and hoping everything works out in the end. We need as many tools as we can get in order to have as much as we can, [especially] when it comes time to retire. Stephen helps us with one of the best investment vehicles you can possibly get. He really understands this inside and out.”

– Graham Myers

“Stephen is a good advisor because rather than sell you a policy at the outset he makes every effort to ensure the client is fully educated regarding the options available before proceeding. He will give you reading material and meet with you as often as necessary to make sure [you] can make an informed decision. Until I met Stephen, I would simply not purchase life insurance as sales were just high pressure with little information. It was all about the sale. With Stephen that is not the case”.

– Lorne Davidson