Valentin Bradu

Licensed Life Insurance Broker/Life Insurance Assistant, Financial Coach, Bank On Yourself® Professional, LegalShield™ Independent Associate, LegalShield™ Small Business and Group Benefits Specialist

Valentin Bradu

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.” – Mark Twain

Valentin Bradu’s expertise with life insurance started in 1996 in his home country of Romania, working for a leading European life insurance sales organization. In 2001, he came to Canada and continued his entrepreneurial endeavours, while actively learning about real estate investments, asset protection and financial services. In 2008, he launched his career in financial services, focusing on educating and helping people to better understand and manage their debt.

Valentin is now a Licensed Life Insurance Broker, a financial coach and a Bank On Yourself® Professional. He holds a full Life Insurance Qualification Program(LLQP) license and has been a broker with MacDev Financial since 2011, primarily serving clients and supporting operations out of the company’s Toronto branch office.

Valentin is a strong believer in the power of the Bank On Yourself method to help clients, which include individuals, families and business owners, to achieve financial control for life. He also practices what he preaches; both him and his son each have a Bank On Yourself® plan.

Valentin is also a LegalShield™ Independent Associate, Small Business and Group Benefits Specialist. Through LegalShield™, he assists individuals, families and businesses in obtaining legal advice and legal services at a fraction of the traditional cost. Through IDShield™, an add-on from LegalShield™, he offers identity theft restoration services, which is significantly better than identity theft protection offered by competitors in the field.

When he is not passing on his extensive expertise to families and businesses, Valentin spends his time in Milton, Ontario, the fastest growing town in Canada. He lives with his wife, Simona who is also his assistant. He enjoys biking, movies, technology, travel and working on classic cars.

Did you know?

  • His favorite quote is from Pamela Yellen: “We have been conditioned to believe that ‘Investing is equal to saving’. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
  • An experienced networker, Valentin received the BNI Notable Networker Award in 2012
  • Valentin has appeared on the show “Pay Yourself First” on Cogeco TV.
  • He studied for 2 years at the Technical University in Cluj, Romania.
  • He graduated Medical high school with a certification as a Medical Equipment Technician.
  • Valentin is multilingual and speaks English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Hungarian.


“I highly recommend Valentin. Once he evaluated my financial position and helped me plan using permanent life insurance, my lifestyle and sense of security about my financial future improved greatly. Give Valentin an opportunity to evaluate your life and challenge your financial advisors to achieve what he can in one year. My results are far beyond what those financial advisors did for me.”

– Marcio P., IT Consultant

“Valentin doesn’t just do whole life insurance. He can help you take care of your whole life. A lot of us are brain washed about money, credit cards, mortgages and lines of credit. Valentin changes the picture for you, with a system based on foresight and math. You don’t have to struggle with debt and you don’t have to be in debt!”

– Houston R.