What our clients say


"I started to learn about cash flow banking through watching Garrett Gunderson. I immediately saw value in the system. Wealth Factory set me up with Stephen and the rest is history, so to speak. We have used our policy's cash value twice now. The second time we are going to be making a great ROI. Stephen has so much knowledge and experience that we wouldn’t choose anyone else"

GarretT GroaT


“A few years back, we started looking into different ways to make our money work for us. Matt was doing some research and came across the idea of whole life policies, and being your own banker. After a bit of research, he made contact with Stephen, who made the process so easy, and clear and took lots of time explaining how the process worked, and how it would benefit us. Stephen is extremely supportive of us having careers we are passionate about and taking a risk on ourselves. He doesn't just care about our money, but about us as people, and that feels really great.” 

Jilisa and Matthew Chenard


"Stephen reached out to me to discuss and explain in more detail whole life insurance policies and how [a whole life insurance policy can] help me grow wealth. We reviewed my financial situation and available capital. He then presented some different policy options that fit my financial situation to ensure success. After a few Zoom meetings, I had chosen a policy, applied, and was approved for my Whole Life Policy. I am extremely satisfied and would 100% recommend people to work with MacDev to create a plan to grow your wealth and succeed."

Gilles Guerin 


“I have been reading and learning about Cash Flow Banking for the past few months and have been searching for someone in Canada that can provide me with the service needed to effectively set this up for my family. I was referred to Stephen and his team as a result. From our initial contact, I have been nothing but impressed with the knowledge, thoroughness, and support received in setting up the correct policies for myself and my children.” 

Azhar Pardhan


“We have eight [whole life policies] in total which have been a great source of borrowing. I have borrowed from my policies over the years for various reasons and in 2016 we were able to borrow $25,000 for a down payment on a Tesla Model S! There is almost immediate cash value but over the years the cash value keeps growing at an accelerated rate. And it is so much better to borrow from yourself than the banks! Even when you take a loan it keeps growing.

Linda Mannek 


“I have wished I had some kind of clarity, direction and peace of mind around money. It’s finally happened! After years of working with both Stephen and Colleen — several of those years being the most stressful years of my life, I’m finally on a plan where I am in control of MY financial future. How do you put a price on having hope, which is what MacDev [Financial’ has given me that no bank ever has or could.” 

Carl Berryman 


A little over a year ago, my parents and I opened a life insurance for me, to teach me about managing money and to give me financial freedom in the future. With this policy, I was able to buy a cover for my racing sailboat, which I needed to protect my boat while travelling to major regattas.

Without the policy, I would have had to wait much longer to get that cover, and ultimately travel. Instead of drawing from my savings, I was able to borrow the money from myself, so I could buy the cover immediately and pay myself back over time. I also know that in the future I can use the policy for other sailing-related expenses.

Lilah Gehring


“Stephen, Colleen, Jen & Michele are four very caring and sharing people who truly look after our family's financial well-being and future interests. It is so refreshing to deal with people who truly care about how they can help others. I have never had the reassurance of financial security for myself and my son until having met with Stephen and his MacDev Financial Team. Now two years into our business relationship, not only have we been working through financial well-being currently, but we also have a comfortable future planned as well.”

Andy Lewis

“Excellent services with prompt response[s] to questions. Expert advice on managing finances. A solid and magnificent team to work with. If you ever need to manage or grow your wealth go to MacDev Financial period.” 

Teddy Nanji 

"We now have much more money available to us for education and retirement that we won’t need to pay taxes and fees on since it’s already our money. We have become our own bankers and set our own terms."

The Van Der Stelts

“We are very pleased with the service we receive from Stephen & Colleen. Their friendly and knowledgeable advice is much appreciated. Our children are also considering starting their own policies and we have opened one for our grandson and will be opening another one for our newest grandson as well. Education and knowledge are the keys to freedom. We have already taken out and repaid a loan to take advantage of an investment opportunity. [We have ] also taken out loans for vehicle purchases too. Only wish we knew about this 30 years ago!”

Brian Marling 

“I was looking for the right whole life [insurance] plan and advisor for more than 5 years and Stephen has delivered! He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He is easy to schedule our meetings with and always takes the time to make sure I am confident in my decisions. With his help, I have set up the right plan to set up my retirement legacy and am able to finance my own purchases using my policy loans without having to wait on bank approvals. I love being my own banker.” 

Dr. Kris Stepney 

“These cashflow life insurance policies have dramatically increased my financial confidence. I know there is money available if needed. I know if I die my family is taken care of. It’s a huge win for me. I am grateful for Stephen’s help in setting this up and coaching us on how to use it effectively.” 

Dr. Bradley Bishop