Why MacDev Financial?

MacDev Financial is Canada’s premier company using participating whole life insurance and Bank On Whole Life™ concepts in the engineering of strategic wealth plans for individuals, families and business owners so they can achieve Financial Control for Life,™ thereby  creating a lasting legacy for generations. Co-founded in 2010 by Michele Platje-Devlin and Stephen Devlin, MacDev Financial is headquartered in British Columbia with operations nationwide.

Our Purpose

To educate and empower our clients to obtain Financial Control for Life™ through the adoption of progressive, customized, long-term insurance solutions and investment strategies that provide protection, guaranteed growth and wealth accumulation, while eliminating unnecessary risk.

Our Vision

To create an opportunity for greater economic independence for Canadians by guiding them to be more financially in control of their lives so they can experience prosperity and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Our Values

Honesty –  We speak the truth and are genuine; we foster a culture of transparency and self-expression.

Trustworthiness – We cultivate client relationships for life; our client’s best interests are our best interests.

Accountability – We practice responsible governance, business acumen, and teamwork; we have a responsibility to each other and our clients.

Choice – We work with clients to achieve financial control for life; we provide solutions and options based on their needs and values.

Education – We see knowledge as a source of empowerment for our clients and team; we promote education from within for this purpose.

Innovation – We are progressive and think beyond the status quo; we explore the financial road less travelled in search of opportunity.

Our Strategy

At MacDev Financial, we practice what we preach by adhering to the following financial principles in our own lives. These principles are the pillars of a value-based strategy we share and adopt in our business practices and relationships with clients to ensure they too achieve financial success.

Financial protection for life –  Creating a safety net with insurance that protects your loved ones, business, assets, estate, and legacy—everything you cherish and have worked hard for.

Financial flexibility for life – Having access to your own money when you need it, for what you want.

Financial control for life – Becoming your own “personal” banker to make your money work harder for you—not others—so you can recoup more of your earnings and pay less in interest and taxes.

Financial freedom for life – Growing your wealth safely and securely through long-term guaranteed growth, while eliminating unnecessary risk, to fund the lifestyle you want now and in retirement.

Financial empowerment for life – Increasing your financial knowledge and awareness of the options and choices available to you, including options outside traditional investing and financial planning, to accomplish all the above.

Our Expertise