Master Your Wealth with the Infinite Banking Concept   in Canada


Top Canadian Authority with 14+ Years Expertise

Take the first step to learn how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept® in Canada and make financial control for life your reality. 

Master Your Wealth with the infinite Banking Concept® in Canada

Top Canadian Authority with 14+ Years Expertise

Take the first step to learn how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept® in Canada and make financial control for life your reality.

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Infinite Banking To Build Independent Wealth And Security As Seen On:

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R. Nelson Nash

“It never dawns on most financial gurus that you can control the financial environment in which you operate. Perhaps it is caused by lack of imagination, but whatever the cause, learning to control it is the most profitable thing you can do over a lifetime.”

R. Nelson Nash, Father of the Infinite Banking Concept, Author of Becoming Your Own Banker.

Do you have big dreams in life that are blocked by financial limitations? Discover our strategy to achieve financial freedom by becoming your own banker.

Are you tired of borrowing from banks and financial institutions with high-interest rates to pay for big-ticket items and the life you dream about? Are you willing and ready to quit lining the pockets of big banks and keep, make and multiply your money so you can realize your dreams and achieve lasting financial freedom? Then keep reading…

Your Money Makes The Banks Richer, Not You!

Life is expensive. Your need for financing throughout your lifetime can be extensive. But traditional financing options are not the option if you want to achieve true financial freedom and prosperity and keep more of the money you work so hard to earn.

Every time you pay interest to a bank or credit card company, you're LOSING MONEY. That’s right!

Traditional financing plans through banks and lending institutions protect their interests first and foremost, not the consumer.

Let us say that again. Banks exist to generate as much money as they can off of the money you give them. It has always been about them, but never about you. You are their profit.

But we want to let you in on a secret.

The banks need you and your money, but you do not need them to finance the things you need in life.


"I feel very fortunate to have found MacDev Financial. In 2018 I found a beautiful grand piano that checked all the boxes. So I went to my bank and asked for a loan to be able to buy this grand piano. After a complicated application process, a credit ping, and an awkward conversation with the clerk, I was denied the loan on the premise that my credit was not good enough. I was heartbroken. In 2021, another opportunity presented itself and I found yet another beautiful grand piano. This time though, I simply wrote a short email to MacDev Financial to borrow out of my Infinite Banking Concept®-type policy and I had the money in my account a few days later! I didn't have to ask for permission, there was no credit check, there were no questions asked. It felt so great to be in control of my own money, and to spend it or save it where I decide. The best part is, I can use the money whenever I need to and pay it back whenever I can. I make my own payment plans, and if I can't make a payment there are no repercussions or exorbitant interest or bank fees!"


Beat The Banks At Their Own Game!

There is a way you can beat the banks at their own game.

First, ask yourself these important questions:

  • What if you could stop the banks from stealing your financial future?
  • What if you never had to borrow from a bank again?
  • What if you could become your own independent banker and self-finance what you need through life?
  • What if you could recoup more of your money and recapture interest you otherwise payout to banks and financial institutions?

Sounds too good to be true? We are here to tell you it isn’t. We have the strategy, tools, and resources to show you how by becoming your own banker.

  • We’ll show you how to beat the banks at their own money game by teaching you how to apply the rules only banks and the rich know but never tell you.
  • We’ll debunk the falsehoods of conventional financial advice you believe as absolute truth.
  • We’ll show you how to create an independent banking system removing the bank as a middleman so you can take back financial control of your life and money.

You can take back control of your money and your life by replacing the banking system as you know it with a transformative and revolutionary strategy called the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC).

The Infinite Banking Concept® was created by the late R. Nelson Nash. In his best-selling book, Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept, Nelson Nash reveals how much wealth gets transferred away from your family and business throughout your life when you finance everything through third-party banks, financial and lending institutions.

Why You Finance Everything You Buy

Did you know you pretty much finance everything you buy?

When you borrow money from a bank through a loan or charge a credit card, you have to pay back the principal on the money you borrowed, plus interest. Even when you save money and pay cash, you are using borrowed money because you are losing out on the opportunity to earn interest on the money you saved—not just over a lifetime, but over generations.

So, whether you are borrowing money you don’t have and taking on debt or saving your money up in advance to purchase something, you end up losing money in the end. The Infinite Banking Concept® gets your money flowing back to you instead of away from you.

Stop losing your money to banks and third-party lending institutions. We can show you how to use the Infinite Banking Concept® to build your own banking system. That’s more money in for you and less money out to the banks!

“The very first principle that must be understood is that you finance everything you buy—you either pay interest to someone else or you give up interest you could have earned otherwise.”

R. Nelson Nash

Father of the Infinite Banking Concept, Author of Becoming Your Banker

R. Nelson Nash

What Is The Infinite Banking Concept®?

When you use the Infinite Banking Concept® in Canada to build an independent banking system, you reclaim the banking function from outsiders and take control of your financing needs using the same principles you would get at a bank. The Infinite Banking Concept® essentially teaches you how to become your own banker and develop your own banking system using dividend-paying whole life insurance as the financial vehicle or tool.

This doesn’t mean a bank in the conventional sense but the power of dividend-paying whole life insurance to solve your need for financing throughout your lifetime and create a financial system that replaces the traditional banking function.

The Infinite Banking Concept® is not a financial product. It's the financial blueprint for you to create the lifestyle you dream about but have not yet made happen. If you want to take control of your finances away from the banks while dedicating yourself to a life-long plan that will see you through retirement and beyond, this concept is for you!

Everyone knows that dividend-paying whole life insurance provides you with a tax-free death benefit, but it also provides you with living benefits in the form of a cash value within the policy. This cash value allows you to build long-term equity through predictable and secure contractually guaranteed growth and potential annual dividends.

Your cash value and the death benefit can be accelerated using your dividends to purchase paid-up additions. Paid-up additions are extra premiums or insurance that you pay for once and never have to make another payment again. Think of them as mini-policies stacked on top of your original base dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. These mini-policies can also earn dividends.

Using dividends to purchase extra premiums or insurance becomes a powerful way to build up accessible liquid equity in your policy or policies. And yes, you can have multiple policies—the more policies you have, the better!

So, think of the Infinite Banking Concept® as either a super-funded or over-funded, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy or grouping of multiple insurance policies. When pooled together, these policies provide you with savings and cash flow you use to build your own bank—no strings attached!

An Infinite Banking Concept® type insurance policy provides you with a tax-free sheltered savings vehicle that lets you make, keep and multiply your money more safely and efficiently than any other traditional investment can rival.

Self-Finance Everything You Need with Certainty…The Possibilities Are Infinite!

The beauty of using the Infinite Banking Concept® to create your own independent banking system is it gives you the freedom, flexibility, and certainty to self-finance whatever you need throughout your life without having to use a credit card or apply for a bank loan again if you don’t want to.

  • Automobiles
  • Major appliances
  • Your child’s post-secondary education
  • Property and real estate
  • Home repairs and renovations
  • Vacations
  • Weddings
  • Investment opportunities
  • Starting a new business
  • Paying for business equipment
  • Retirement
  • An emergency fund

Nelson Nash was such a firm believer in becoming his own banker that he permanently eliminated the banks out of his life and self-financed the purchase of his homes, cars and even the post-secondary education of his children without ever borrowing again!


“I was attracted to IBC largely because I could continue to set aside money for the future while still having ready access to that money in the present. We sought out Stephen Devlin's experience and expertise. He helped our family set up a customized IBC system for our personal and corporate plans. In 2020 our business ceased operations for 2 months. This was a tremendous source of stress. Fortunately, we were able to access the cash value of our participating whole life insurance for our short-term needs without interrupting the long-term financial growth potential of our investment. This experience completely converted us to the power of IBC.”


Grow Your Money Uninterrupted and Tax-Free!

The Infinite Banking Concept® eliminates complex loan applications, credit checks and rigid repayment systems. You can borrow up to 90 percent of the cash value in the form of a policy loan to self-finance whatever it is you need, whenever you need it.

When you borrow from your policy, you are using the policy as collateral—in simple terms, you are borrowing from yourself and then paying yourself back the principal and interest. And even if you borrow from your policy, your principal remains locked in. The money in your cash value continues to grow uninterrupted and tax-free—as if you never borrowed from your policy in the first place.

And here’s another perk! You get to set the terms of your repayment plan because your Infinite Banking Concept® type policy is an asset you own and control! As the policy owner, you have full contractual authority, which means when you request a policy loan, it is issued to you by the insurance company unstructured, giving you control over the terms of the repayment schedule. Now isn’t that something to bank on!

Benefits of An Infinite Banking Concept - Type Policy

The Infinite Banking Concept® coupled with dividend-paying whole life insurance as the savings vehicle is the ultimate financing solution and wealth-creation strategy rolled into one:

  • Eliminate banks as the middleman
  • Generate savings and cash flow to finance whatever you need in life
  • A tax-deferred secure savings environment with minimum risk and no market volatility
  • Predictable and guaranteed growth of your money
  • Yields passive income besides capital gains
  • A tax-free income in your retirement
  • A pool of wealth you can transfer to the next generation.
  • Recapture interest otherwise payout to banks, credit card companies and lending institutions
  • No structured repayment plans or credit checks
  • Creditor protection on personal policies
  • Easy to manage
  • Accessible liquid capital provides greater flexibility
  • A private and alternative asset class you own and control
  • Tax-free death benefit

Eliminate debt and financial stress and start generating cash flow savings and multi-generational wealth.

Stop losing money in risky investments and start building a tax-free retirement income.

Recapture interest paid out to banks, credit cards and lending institutions so you can keep and multiply more of you money.


"I found out about the Infinite Banking Concept in 2011 and wanted to find out more about it. Mario and I started working with Stephen from MacDev Financial in late 2011 and by early 2012 had our first policies. During this whole time Stephen was awesome and always prompt in responding to any questions. The number of our policies grew over the years as we added family members and a business policy. I wanted to leave something of value in the future for my beautiful grandchildren as well. We have borrowed from the policies numerous times for a down payment on a new car, to pay bank debt and payments on a house we are building. To know that our policies are still growing even when we borrow money from them is just fantastic…The growth with it has been steady and there is always a dividend…It feels good borrowing from myself and not the bank, and then making repayments to myself within my own comfort zone…I highly recommend starting your own journey into financial freedom with IBC. I'm sure glad I did!"


Take the Next Step To Achieving Lasting Financial Freedom. Book Your 30 Min Discovery Call With Stephen Today!

Are you ready to liberate yourself from your bank and learn how to become your own banker? Take the next step and book your 30 Minute Discovery call with Stephen Devlin, one of Canada's leading specialists in the Infinite Banking Concept® with over a decade of experience.

Stephen Devlin is President/CFO of MacDev Financial and a Value-Based Senior Licensed Life Insurance Broker & Chief Wealth Architect who was friends with Nelson Nash and mentored by him in the Infinite Banking Concept®. Now he is dedicated to helping Canadians learn how to reclaim their financial futures using the same system Nelson Nash taught him.

As an Authorized Practitioner of the Infinite Banking Concept®, Stephen will conduct a one-on-one financial assessment to see how you can implement the Infinite Banking Concept in your life or business. With his expertise and knowledge of the Infinite Banking Concept®, he will also mentor and show you how to accomplish the following:

  • How to use savings and cash flow to build your own “bank.”
  • How to capitalize and establish your plan.
  • How to use IBC to finance your automobile purchases, your home
  • How to use IBC to create a tax-free passive income
  • How to earn interest on every dollar whether you are spending it or saving it
  • How to reclaim opportunity costs so you can maximize your money more efficiently.
  • How to reduce your debt while increasing your savings
  • How to expand your system to accommodate all income through a system of banks to increase your wealth.
  • How a business can use the concept for equipment financing.

Our team has the expertise to help you finally put your financial goals and dreams into action! Take the first step towards building your own banking system with the Infinite Banking Concept® and make your Financial Freedom a reality. Book your 30 Minute Discovery call today!